From the recording The Road Not Taken

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(B. Richey)

I’m the nicest guy you’ll ever meet
You’ll be dancing in the art of my deceit
This façade is all you really need to know
So don’t look too close
The cracks will never show

I promise you I’m barley even bent
I swear to God I’m almost innocent

I will let you join my entourage
As long as you don’t mess with my mirage
You’ll be spinning on my endless carousel
I mean it when I’m joking LOL


I’m barely even bent, I’m almost innocent

You don’t know just what you’re up against
I’m never wrong, I never will repent
My aim is true, I never will relent
No convictions, lack of evidence
An act of God, a happy accident
I promise you I’m barely even bent
I swear to God I’m almost innocent
Almost innocent, almost innocent