From the recording The Road Not Taken

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Playing My Guitar
(B. Richey)

Every morning, it’s hard not to be sad
The world has caught on fire
And the news is always bad

On a planet, where hate becomes the norm
I reach for a distraction
Seeking shelter from the storm

It makes you want to scream
I’ll dream another dream

Oh I need a change of scenery
I’ll be flying on a rocket to a star
You can keep all your reality
And I’ll just keep on playing my guitar

Every morning, I wake up ill-equipped
I can’t be an actor, oh and this is not my script
My days are numbered
And this might be my last
So I’ll just stay here nestled in the
Bosom of the past

The only place I know, the only place to go


Playing my guitar, playing my guitar
Playing my guitar


Every night I’m on the silver strings
Make a wish upon a shooting star
It doesn’t matter what tomorrow brings
Oh I’ll just keep playing my guitar
Oh I’ll just keep playing my guitar