From the recording The Road Not Taken

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Little Less Grey
(B. Richey)

You can’t shatter this illusion
Cause I’m not sure what to believe
If we just piss this all away now
What did we achieve?
I’m trying to bridge this gap between us
But there’s more than meets the eye
If there’s some truth you’re just not saying
Isn’t that still a lie?

Cause I can hear the words
But I can’t figure out
What you did or didn’t say
I need a little more black and white
And a little less grey

It’s all come down to just one moment
I know it’s now or never more
This could take me to a place I’ve
Never been before
There’s a feeling I remember
But it’s not the same as this
All the pieces that are missing, do they still exist?


I just keep hoping I was wrong
Have I been wrong for holding on

(Chorus X2)