From the recording The Road Not Taken

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(B. Richey)

The sun is gone, it won’t get any hotter
I bounce around like a fish out of water
And every star in the sky has just faded
I didn’t answer the door, but it crept in
This is nothing like Queen or Led Zeppelin
I could just get in line, but I’m jaded

(Na na) It’s a digital ocean,
(Na na) I can’t take anymore
(Na na) I go back in slow motion, to 1974

The war is over, the verdict is final
C’est la vie when they stopped making vinyl
Doesn’t anyone care how it’s sounding?
I can stream an eternal damnation
All I hear is a pale imitation
I try to swim to the shore, but I’m drowning

(Chorus X2)

(Na na) It’s a digital ocean
(Na na) And I try to ignore
(Na na) I go back in slow motion, to 1974
1974, 1974