From the recording The Road Not Taken

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The Other Side of Town (Jesus)
(B. Richey)

She's lived her whole damn life
In the same brick house
On the corner by the store
She used to play all day in this same front yard
Where the grass don't grow no more
And she knew every face in this neighborhood
Back when no one locked their doors

Oh but her Jesus moved to
The other side of town
He left no forwarding address
She can't track him down
Now she blames herself and begs forgiveness
But he don't come around
Her Jesus moved to the other side of town

She hears these sounds all night
Out her bedroom window
She's too afraid to look
Sits at the kitchen table and drinks her coffee
And doesn't ever cook
And there's that bible gathering dust
Now it's become just another book


She’s praying for redemption
A miracle to turn it all around
There’s no congregation
She’s standing on this lonely sacred ground
Her Jesus moved to the other side… of town

He won’t come back, he won’t come back
He won’t come back around